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Who is X3 Marketing?

X3 Marketing, with offices in Pittsburgh and Irvine, is a digital marketing and advertising agency that fuels business growth through brand development, data analytics, and a network of consultants and investors.


We employ a variety of marketing experts across diverse specialties to craft compelling narratives for brands. Our expertise extends to backend development, constructing robust, scalable infrastructures for optimized customer and client experiences. These intricate business systems facilitate genuine relationships that simplify the lives of our teams and clients.


Our marketing team fosters enduring partnerships that shape our future as a sustainable, user-friendly, asset-rich network, deeply passionate about every industry.


We are X3 Marketing, designing our future™.

Pittsburgh Marketing Team
marketing company in pittsburgh_edited.jpg
Frank Udavcak


JUL00106a copy.png
Eric Marlo

Brand and Marketing Director

Halle Musich

Marketing Specialist

Kailey Resnik

Operations Director

sam x3 consult.jpg
Sam Brown

Account Specialist

Andrew Jeffrey

Account Specialist

frank udavcak wiz khalifa marketing team

Designing our Future

Our approach to projects stems from our inherent nature of long-term business investment. We are not interested in price gouging for one time projects, but rather, formulating a productive relationship with businesses we believe in. Our partnerships with brands like Avere have created exceptional opportunities for both the client and our agency.

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