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Who is X3 Marketing?

With offices in Pittsburgh and Irvine, X3 Marketing is a digital marketing advertising and production agency that builds businesses through brand development, data analytics, and a network of consultants and investors.

We use web development, SEO, video and content production, paid advertising, PR and media relations, and social influencers as means to develop a company's narrative. From that narrative, we are able to harmonize the backend development to create a robust, scalable infrastructure built for optimized customer and client experiences. These intricate business systems built for our client allows us to develop a genuine relationship that makes the lives of our teams easier.

Our marketing team creates long lasting relationships that help design our future as a sustainable, user-friendly, asset rich network with passions for each and every industry.

We are X3 Marketing. Designing our Future™


Our Team

Halloween Frank Pose.jpg

Frank Udavcak


Natalie September Headshot_edited.jpg

Natalie Sharp

Marketing Strategist

Danka September Headshot_edited.jpg

Danka Dimichele

Pennsylvania Account Manager

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Designing our Future

Our approach to projects stems from our inherent nature of long-term business investment. We are not interested in price gouging for one time projects, but rather, formulate a productive relationship with businesses we believe in. Our partnerships with brands like Avere have created exceptional opportunities for both the client and our agency.

We've got friends in Pittsburgh...

In Pittsburgh, it's more than finding clients. It's about forming relationships and alliances to better the community and cause. Working with the companies we choose to work with is intentional. We believe in each and every project as if it were our own. That is why we've partnered with Madera Capital to provide a harmonious syndication of capital investing and brute business development. If your business is at the stage of scaling, X3 Marketing and Madera provides the resources to help you grow.

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