Real Estate Drone Videos

X3 Marketing is leading the revolution in aerial photography and videography for real estate marketing with our professional drone team in Pittsburgh and Irvine. Capture every angle at a high altitude for a high stake industry. Boost your real estate sales and engage more leads with beautiful HDR property photos and videos.
X3 Marketing Drone Videographer
How much does real estate drone videos cost? X3 Marketing

How much does it cost to get drone videos for a property listing?

Finding a drone photographer near you may be easier than you think. In order to get the best prices, you may feel the need to shop around. X3 Marketing makes it way easier than that by offering to beat any local invoice. Our drone photography and videography for real estate listings will never cost more than the competitors. Our comprehensive packages provide an affordable rate that outbids the price of any other drone operators. We don't do this because we need the deal, we do this because we want to show you what else we have to offer!

Real estate drone prices vary from city to city. Our Pittsburgh marketing team begins pricing at $99 while our Orange County and Irvine drone team begins drone photography prices at $149. 

Motion Tracked Point of Interest

"Have you seen those videos with the floaty things over top in drone footage that stay in the same place while the footage moves forward? The markers that hover over the building or place to show what it is." - Yes, that's what we've been asked and yes, we can do motion tracked point of interest markers.


Virtual Real Estate Property Tours

X3 Marketing offers 3D Virtual Property tours for commercial and residential real estate in Pittsburgh and Irvine. Using the latest Matterport technology, we can render a to-scale 3D virtual model of your home or building. The imaging tools used allow your property to be explored in first person for a reasonable cost. Stop limiting your buyers by location and let them experience remote property tours. X3 Marketing can help you integrate these listing features in to your own property campaign.


Commercial Walkthroughs

Virtual Stagings

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See a $6,000,000 Property

Go inside an organic contemporary property in Corona Del Mar with Brana Designs and X3 Marketing.


Where do you film?

X3 films in California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, & New York

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