Madera Enterprises.

Insatiable growth.

Madera Enterprises is an organization dedicated to asset and wealth allocation and management. Emerging from deprivation, Madera has become holders in over $1 Million of assets and continues to grow. With a team of millennials of insatiable desire, Madera will continue to accrue real estate, intellectual property, medical patents, stocks, technology, information science assets, and company equities.

Our members-only organization operates as a network of private equity investors that meets regularly to evaluate and consider pre-institutional investments.

Leveraging our members’ knowledge and experience helps to mitigate investment risk, thus, strengthening the probability of investment success.

Become a member?


Our investment strategy revolves around our very own business development and marketing team - X3 MKTG. This team provides digital assets and marketing content as well as data analytics, search engine optimization, web and app development, and pubic relations. This incredible resource contributes to the rapid growth and development of partner companies and brands and benefits organizations from every industry.


After receiving the initial application, our team prescreens and chooses 50% to move forward to the next level. We then conduct a meeting to further discuss the prospects of engagement, followed by a diligent review of validity. Finally, if the final stage is reached, your business team will meet with us to develop a deal and strategy. The general timeline of this endeavor is 6 months to a year to reach a business deal.

investment funds and business loans


Established 2017

TYPE: Marketing Agency

EQUITY: 100% Ownership

REVENUE: $250,000

Avere Beauty

Established 2019

TYPE: Medical Aesthetics

EQUITY: 30% Ownership

REVENUE: $50,000


Established 2015

TYPE: Fashion & Jewelry E-Commerce


REVENUE: $1,250,000

Handy Randy Pittsburgh

Established 2020

TYPE: Landscaping


REVENUE: $82,000