Medical SEO for Doctors

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What is Medical SEO?

We start SEO campaigns by explaining that search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing quality and quantity of website traffic and visibility of a page or pages for users on a web search engine such as Google and Bing. SEO is the improvement of results (organic or natural) and goes hand in hand with SEM (search engine marketing) but without paid results. Paid placement is also a search engine marketing tool, but differs from organic search results.

SEO campaigns are extremely important to validate your business authenticity and dominate your digital marketing strategy. Google obviously encourages all websites to optimize for search engines, but it's incredibly important to increase sales and reputation.

Search engine optimization entails the understanding and implementation of two distinct entities. The user or person searching, and the backend and indexes such as Google. From the user's perspective, you want to learn the user's behavior and see what they're searching for to provide premium content. What X3 Marketing does is create the best web page that is relevant to the user's search behavior, the user's location, and the easiest interpretation of content.

Title Tag & Meta Description

In the title of the homepage they are using the keyword "Podiatrist" and "Pittsburgh" as well as in the description where Google placed these words in bold.

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On Page Content

On the page are headers with the words, as well as the paragraph, content, pictures, and videos containing "Podiatrist" and "Pittsburgh." On-page keywords tells Google how to understand a page.

Useful Content for Keyword

Making it clear to Google what the page is about, but also creating actual value for the user - that's search engine optimization. This is where videos, pictures, content, and other media come in to play to amplify the keywords. If you were looking for a Podiatrist, what would make you click their page?

Learn your medical niche and location to achieve the top result for your SEO campaign

The medical SEO strategy, is creating a picture for Google that your website and content is the most relevant service or product. We need to make Google believe you are the best option.

If we look at Pittsburgh SEO Consultant ranking for X3 Marketing, it's important we recognize who we are, what we do, and where we are so Google Business can classify us.