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3 Marketing Software Recommendations

Updated: May 13, 2023

Hi everyone,

Today I just wanted to share 3 Marketing tools we've been using recently.

I recommend MailChimp for every business. A lot of enterprises use Salesforce but MailChimp is perfect for small business and quick campaigns. It has a much smaller learning curve and allows easy template design. The mailing lists can get a little complicated but if you keep your tags organized, you'll have a great segmented list to target.

The campaigns offer great overview data as well as in-depth analysis. On your dashboard, you can quickly view new subscribers/unsubscribes as well as open rate.

If you have social media, you need HootSuite. HootSuite is a social media manager allowing scheduled postings. Need I say more? No. We use this with all of our clients and highly encourage our clients to schedule knowledge sessions with us to learn how to use it. It takes 30 minutes and will save you DAYS of work.

X3's campaigns can create an entire month of content and schedule it all at once without worrying about it. Set it and forget it. You just upload the post to HootSuite, write the description, and BAM! Schedule for your optimal engagement time and then check back for detailed analytics.

Wow, what can I say. We've been using Adobe Premiere for about 8+ years now. After Sony Vegas stopped being supported, we never looked back from Adobe products. There is not another software equivalent. With the student version and single-app subscription, I'm pretty sure you can access this for under $19.99/month!

Yes, Apple is a great company. But iMovie and Final Cut will never equate in my opinion. Adobe Premiere supports nearly every single file type and gracefully. The Mercury Playback Engine allows optimized graphics card/RAM/CPU playback so even with high-res footage and 100x different formats on your timeline, you can get errr done.

Adobe offers a simplified version for iPhone called Adobe Rush and I'd highly recommend this for those that need a quick title added to a video or something.

For everything else, there's -- we do videos!

Check out our Kia Forte GT video here - click here

Check out our video for local med-spa Avere Beauty - click here

X3 is a digital marketing, data analytics, and production company based in Pittsburgh, PA. We offer 4K creative content development, data driven marketing and business development.


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Jake Harismon
May 01, 2023

Hello, please record a detailed video tutorial on video marketing, tell me what you should pay attention to in the first place and give some working tips, based on your own experience. will help you in recording your screen on mac. I hope you'll listen to me!

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