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4 Ways to Generate Leads for a Medspa

Updated: May 4

1. The best long-term medspa lead generation strategy is comprehensive inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing for medspas is an overarching strategy that provides you highly targeted leads. It also helps you close and convert those leads not only into customers but into fans happy to refer your medspa’s services to their friends.

In a nutshell, lead generation via inbound consists of you providing great, informative content to prospects that answers the questions and concerns that they have. This content comes in the form of blog posts and videos on your website that you broadcast on your social media sites and – later – via emails to people who have given you their e-mail address. Visitors get to your site either via a search engine or from their social media channels.

They read your post, like what they see, and perhaps download a free ebook or other content piece from your site in exchange for their contact information. These people are now very interested leads and you then continue to court them with additional content via newsletters and links therein to blog posts and additional free information and content.

Overall, inbound marketing is the key to successful medspa lead generation efforts.

2. Use Pay-Per-Click Ads

And use a lead funnel to allow them to opt-in for inbound marketing!

Many times, PPC ads are a great way to connect with someone who has already decided that they want a procedure such as botox, IPL, or other treatments, and are now looking for a specific place in which to do them. You can show these people an ad that links directly to a Request a Consult page on your website, where they can book an appointment right then.

Other people are still in their initial exploratory stage – they’re interested in learning more but aren’t yet ready to commit. You can run PPC ads for those people that send them to a landing page with an offer of a free ebook, video or other report that provides extremely useful information (make sure the info you provide goes deeper than that found in one of your blog posts) in exchange for her email address.

Once she gives you her contact information, she’s turned into a lead and you can start courting her with additional content, as mentioned above.

3. Get more visitors to your site via your social media channels.

Offering links to your information-packed blog posts, ebooks, videos, infographics etc. on your social media channels is another great medspa lead generation tactic, because once a visitor gets to your site and reads the content on the other side of the link, she well may keep looking around your site, notice you’re offering a free ebook with even more in-depth information and provide you with her email address in exchange.

You now have a true lead with that email address, allowing you to send her even more of the information she wants.

4. Blog to wow your site visitors.

None of the above lead generation tactics work without giving site visitors in-depth information that will help answer their questions and concerns, because all of the previous three tactics are a funnel to get visitors to your site to read your content. Once they read the content on your site, they’ll start to see you as the expert that you are. They’ll come to trust you and want more. They’ll want to continue following you and seeing the new content that you’re putting out, allowing you to court them until they become a client.

Medspa Lead Generation is a long-term strategy.

Have you noticed something about the four strategies listed above? They all are parts of a whole and that whole is informative, engaging content that answers prospects’ questions intelligently and thoroughly, showcasing your knowledge as well the benefits they will enjoy by having you provide them with the medspa services they seek.

X3 Marketing is a digital marketing agency focused on medical & healthcare, and more. We use the incredible medspa lead generation power that inbound marketing gives us to help medspas and plastic surgeons significantly grow the number of highly targeted leads they receive from their online marketing efforts.

Article written by ClearPivot


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