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5 FREE PhotoShop Effects & Presets

Updated: May 13

Hi everyone! Happy Monday. I know there's a lot going on in the world and Pittsburgh as well. Orange County is facing another shut down and Wayfair is involved in trafficking. Elon Musk is the 7th Wealthiest Person and Tesla (TSLA) is skyrocketing on the market towards the S&P 500. My portfolio is doing well!

We wanted to give everyone some fun things to use for editing photos. I know a lot of people in #Pittsburgh are either looking to hire #marketingagency or #DIY marketing, so this will be helpful either way. To start off, here's a cool MATTE FINISH Photoshop effect.

1. 50 Premium Matte Photoshop Actions

50 Premium Matte Photoshop Actions
Download ZIP • 41KB

This collection of professional Photoshop Actions which is perfect for creative photographers and graphic designers. This is a comprehensive suite of Photoshop Actions, will give your photos a beautiful professional, faded and stylish finish. These professional Photoshop Actions enhance and add more beautiful colors to your pictures and make photos look really stunning. These Photoshop Actions will help you to perfect your photographs and backgrounds, make it unique and look gorgeous.


2. Modern Film Lightroom Presets

X3 Marketing - Modern Film Presets
Download ZIP • 36.09MB

This one is perfect for mobile editing and works with your Lightroom App for iOS. Use these presets to make your photo look like a modern film with slight grain, and nice contrast.


3. Glamour Photography Photoshop Actions

These glamour actions for Photoshop allow your photos to have a nice matte effect but still pop like a fashion magazine. Turn your Instagram shots in to a dazzling VOGUE cover in seconds. These actions are great for new Photoshop users because they basically walk you through the steps to achieve the edit. Now you'll no longer wonder "how do I make my photos look like magazine pictures?"

What are Photoshop actions?

Exactly that - they are a recording of edits that execute with a single click. You can record an action, add a black and white filter, a white balance adjustment, and a text layer, stop recording, and now you have an action that does all of that in a single click!

X3 Marketing Glamour Presets
Download ZIP • 279KB

4. Face & Body Paint Photoshop Action

Paint on your body without all the extra mess with this easy to use photoshop action for body painting. This action is SUPER cool and has some pretty creative uses. Think yours is the coolest? Send us some at

Download the Face and Body Paint Photoshop Action here

X3 Marketing Face and Body Paint
Download ZIP • 17KB

5. Summer Vibes Lightroom Presets

Obviously, this is the best Instagram preset ever - offering vibrant skies and perfect toned skin for that stunning beach shot. Use this for your iPhone editing app or if you're fancy, pop it in to Lightroom or Photoshop for added tweaking.

This is going to revolutionize your Instagram if you haven't already. Bet your pictures get even more likes with these super clean color grams. There are a ton of filters out there but this one will be perfect for your business instagram editing too.

Summer Vibes - X3 Marketing
Download ZIP • 6.76MB

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