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Behind The Scenes with Brana Designs

Updated: May 13

Let's talk about the filming of the Architecture/Design/Real Estate video in Corona Del Mar - X3mktg video production team

This article is more for X3's side of the filming for the video in Corona Del Mar.

Finding the Hazel Drive Estate

When I got there, it was easy to see how passionate Helena was about her craft. She had prepared a layout on her desk of samples, inspirations, and drawings. She wanted people to know what she was about and we were going to do it right.

Initially, Giancarlo was supposed to help as AD but was invited to attend a Golf Tournament with our friend River at the Monarch Resort in Dana Point so we doubled up our network.

Behind The Filming Process

To begin, I asked Helena to take us around the building with a dry run. Show me what she's done, keep it natural. I wanted to get genuine reactions and genuine introductions and have a base roll for cuts. This worked well and I ended up using a lot of the original clips.

Then I wanted to run through again and do B-Roll by myself. This was the slo-motion shots you see shot at 1080p @ 120fps. The DJI Ronin I purchased and had 1-day shipping was only $600 and was perfect for this gig. It allowed me to operate the camera myself and still get clean shots.

The only downside is that I didn't have a wireless lav mic; making audio capture a little more difficult.

To see the video and learn more about Helena Brana Designs, check out this article and be sure to see her post about X3MKTG.

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