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Case Study- How Matthew used Marketing Tools to Increase Revenue for His Contracting Business

After years of improving his expertise, obtaining licensing in his field, investing top quality tools, and hiring skilled workers, Matthew still found himself struggling to build the revenue he had hoped with his contracting business, Four Star Contracting. While on his way to a small kitchen renovation job on the other side of town one day, a billboard caught his eye.

On that billboard was a lifesize photo of his rival, Jim Smithers, inside a newly renovated chef’s kitchen. Across the top of the billboard was the name of Jim’s contracting company, Classic Kitchens, as well as a contact number. All that day, images of that billboard went through Matthew’s mind until suddenly a lightbulb went off. “Maybe better marketing is what I need to help people think of Four Star Contracting first when they think of renovating their homes!” That same afternoon, Matthew contacted a marketing agency to help him strategize that plan. Allison, his marketing advisor, introduced him to several marketing tools to build brand recognition for his company:

  • Billboards - Allison designed a sleek billboard for Matthew utilizing his design aesthetic and new logo, four large gold stars, across the top. That billboard was highly visible, and reached a captive and diverse audience. Billboards can be strategically placed and are effective ways to build brand awareness as they provide consumers with a visual reference for your business.

  • Yard signs - when people can see your brand and your name in front of them more often, they are more likely to remember you when they’re ready to hire.

  • Tee shirts and merch - when you’re looking to expand or hire, that brand recognition really comes into play because people see you’re actively investing in your brand and want to be a part of your team. This is going to increase the quality of applicants and theoretically lead to more long-term team members. Matthew’s investment in Four Star Contracting tee shirts and ball caps for his employees, and as a perk for customers and suppliers, put the name of his company in homes, stores, and communities throughout his region.

  • Testimonial videos show people that you’re working. When potential clients and current clients see that you’re on projects and actively doing work, they feel like they can relate to other people who have had good experiences with you and it increases a sense of community and trust.

  • Reviews - displaying reviews on your website gives potential customers more confidence in their purchasing decisions and reduces doubt. Reviews help you attract new clients, increase sales, and improve your online reputation. Allison was able to teach Matthew how to increase the quality of reviews for Four Star Contracting to help influence the buying decisions of potential customers.

  • Paid ads - paid ads can take many forms: Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Programmatic advertising Google Ads, Google Display, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google and Facebook remarketing and more. These ads allow you to specifically target audiences, instead of waiting for them to find you organically. They target those audiences basd upon certain demographics, interests, and previous interactions.

As Matthew learned, if you’re not using these marketing tools to your advantage, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to grow your business. Shortly after implementing the marketing strategy that Allison designed, he was aqble to see his profits grow far beyond his expectations. Four Star Contracting became everyone’s first choice when considering home renovations.

The team at X3 marketing creates custom strategies to help small business owners dominate their competition and reach their ideal customers. While we specialize in medical marketing, we are open to working with #contractors, #construction, #roofing, & any additional labor and industries. Send us a DM to learn more about how we can help you increase revenue almost immediately

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