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Coronavirus Checklist for Marketing Small Business in Pittsburgh

Updated: May 13, 2023

From setting up remote working stations, postponing orders, and encouraging online sales, the economic changes from the Coronavirus aren't light.

Does my company need to address COVID-19?

Pittsburgh's changing business environment

The worldwide pandemic in some way affects everyone -- even here in #Pittsburgh. Massive corporations with infinite infrastructure to business that hasn't launched yet. Everyone should address it. #supportsmallbusiness

How is the question. Be mindful of tone, considerate of emotions, and sensitive to personal experience. This will carry on in to the future as well.


So far, I've gotten emails from almost every company telling me how they're dealing with COVID-19. I didn't really need an update from all of them, but hey. They are doing this to be honest and informative and letting customers know they are aware.

A good e-mail will make worried customers aware of the process and the solution. If your clients ordered a wedding cake, let them all know the current status of operations. Don't try to sell something new or sneak half-done projects in. Be transparent.

For us, finding leads has changed significantly. Sending out an e-mail offering campaigns isn't as responsible as offering support. Even if we are selling, we are selling a solution at a later time. "How To Connect With Audience After Recession"


Depending on your business, you'll want to identify changes on your website. Retail? Note the hour changes, if online orders are available, and any other changes.

All services should be up to date with information on alternatives, meetings, or other ways to continue contact with clients. Village Center for Holistic Therapy is currently doing tele-conference meetings with their patients. This is extremely challenging and getting the information to all the clients is even harder. If you follow stock, you'll know that there's some great tele-conferencing companies benefiting right now.

Start a blog! It's crucial right now.

Social Media

This is one of the fastest ways to stay in contact. If you had to temporarily close, it's perfect for keeping in personal contact. Keep your posts honest and information. Local hair salons like Salon 13 are using Instagram to post tips on hair care.

Customers appreciate this.

Google Listings

If you have foot-traffic, update your Google listing with new hours. Anyone searching for you is going to need to know how to contact you. A lot of food places are still doing take out and reliant to stay afloat. This is extremely crucial right now if you're a business owner.

Paid Media

This will be one of the first budget items cut. But, completely cutting off ads is not the best thing to do. Scale down and prevent any loss of optimizations. Maintain a brand appearance and awareness.

Just remember to keep tone in mind. A lot of ads for hand sanitizer were being shut down. Everyone and their cousin tried reselling at a higher rate. Don't take advantage of your customers. "Is this going to be helpful to my customers right now?"

Keep moving forward.

Thing's are going to take a while to return to normal. We have to build trust with customers and leverage our channels to contribute the best we can. Marketing can still generate leads and use sales tools to nurture leads, but be mindful of budgets currently. Just remember, giving value will return value.

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