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Digital Marketing in Latin America

Latin America is home to many small and medium businesses that need digital marketing.

On the one hand, this is excellent because it suggests the existence of a great entrepreneurial spirit in the population; however, it also means that fewer resources are available, and therefore certain things cannot be exploited.

However, you should know that digital marketing is outside the resources that an SME cannot use. For this reason, we offer you some digital marketing tips to grow your business:

1) Likes are not as important as conversations:

Numbers are indeed very important as indicators. A fan page with a large percentage of "likes" is more striking than another in which few react, but the number is not as valuable as the interactions that can be generated.

The importance of conversations lies in that these are sources of information about your followers. Why do they follow you? How did they know your company? What do they expect to receive? These and other questions are the ones you must solve through the interactions that your publications promote.

2) Generate valuable content:

Having a digital presence is very important (because otherwise, it is as if you did not exist), but it is insufficient without good management. Part of that management is in the development of quality content that supports your digital strategy.

Once you have identified the customer you want to attract, it is convenient to generate content that interests them and encourages them to follow you. This material has to be varied so as not to fall into monotony and boredom. For example: insert photos, videos, articles, infographics, podcasts, etc. during the week.

As time goes by, you will be able to identify what content works better than others and on what days; Based on this, it will be easier for you to develop a publication schedule closer to the ideal.

3) Focus on your current client when launching products:

It's okay to take big risks, but that can backfire when you don't have big budgets. Which is better? Offer new products to potential clients or sure clients? Remember that while the first ones you do not have 100% identified, the second ones do (and they also know you and verified your quality).

It is smarter to get the most out of your client portfolio before trying to expand them. Ambitions need priorities.

4) Interact with your clients at the right time:

There are many social networks with a good amount of comments, but unfortunately, they are not used. Lack of time, laziness, little attention, who knows. The truth is that if a client feels that they were not served on digital platforms, it will be difficult for them to be encouraged to comment or make inquiries another time; that plays to the detriment of the reputation and other interests of your company.

Try to answer and encourage conversation with your followers/clients. It is not only important for what is indicated in the first point (identify your fans) but also to cultivate loyalty.

5) Mobile adaptation is essential:

In many Western countries, the number of users surfing the Internet through mobile devices is very close to (or exceeds) 50%. This data requires that the generated content look good not only on computers.

We recommend that you always check from your cell phone how the contents that are released day by day are appreciated. It is important to ensure that the image is not cut, that the text is read comfortably, among other details that make the user experience more pleasant.

Also, if your company has a website or blog (it should), you have to have a mobile-friendly version. Ignoring this is enough for Google to penalize you when it comes to search engine optimization.

6) Investing is inevitable:

The use of digital tools is free up to a point. If you want to go further, it will be inevitable to resort to the wallet, especially in the days of Face book Zero that we live. It should be noted that if you invest, you will be able to obtain a greater reach and followers through the content you produce. What to pay for advertising is very expensive? Not at all!

The best thing about online advertising is that it requires much lower budgets than traditional advertising.

7) Measure all actions:

As sure as you feel about what you have been doing, the idea is to measure the results obtained from time to time and thus sharpen (or rethink) the strategies based on successive comparisons.

Tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, Metricool, Bitly, Buzzsumo, etc. They are perfect for monitoring and diagnosing your monthly strategies.

Something beautiful about the digital age is that to a certain extent it is democratic, so a low budget is not a big impediment to get the most out of the different options that digital marketing offers.

There are many professional digital marketing companies are available on the internet. Pittsburgh Marketing is one of them. They have various expertise like digital marketing, web design, data analysis etc.

Written by Beethy Chang

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