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Frank Udavcak | Owner of X3 Marketing Pittsburgh & Irvine

My name is Frank Udavcak and I am the owner of X3 Marketing. X3MKTG is a digital marketing and production company providing data driven business consulting and content.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA with an office in Irvine, CA, X3MKTG has worked with national brands like Atlantic Records, KIA Motors, NBA, Highmark, Alkermes and more.

Frank Udavcak Pittsburgh X3 Marketing Owner
Frank Udavcak Creative Portrait

Frank Udavcak Pittsburgh
Frank Udavcak & Victor Barbetti from Village Center for Holistic Therapy Shaler Pittsburgh PA Irvine

Frank Udavcak Pittsburgh
Frank Udavcak Kat Schaffer Rolling Pepperoni Pittsburgh West Virginia

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