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Gerald Sherrell - Pittsburgh's PRO Boxer

Updated: May 13, 2023

We had the opportunity to work with Gerald "G5" Sherrell from Pittsburgh, PA. Gerald has fought at River's Casino multiple times, LADC, and most recently in September, The Meadows in West Virginia.

This is the PROFILE of a distinguished athlete. One who's determination spans years, a genuine family life, and a social network of aspiring talent and committed trainers.

Gerald and I discussed many things. Family, health, motivation. It was incredible to see a talented athlete so focused on helping others in the gym. This attentive nature exemplify's his capacity to analyze situations; proving his place at his current position.

After completing the video, we had plans to continue the series; following Gerald from his morning to evenings with his family. Unfortunately for us but good for him, he was called to Florida for training camp for the new season.

Caitlin Mckelvey, Gerald's dedicated manager, got on the phone with us to discuss his future

plans and branding. As he prepares for a new season, we will only anticipate greatness from the boxer from Pittsburgh.

If you or anyone you know is interested in PROFILE, contact us at or visit

PROFILE is a mini-documentary series similar to the Wiz Khalifa DayToday series we filmed that explores distinguished individuals, business owners, and influencers in their career. What would you want your 16 year old self to know about your career?

Check out Gerald's boxing record here.

To keep up with Gerald, follow his Twitter here!



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