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  • Writer's pictureFrank Udavcak | X3 CEO

Get More Reviews for your Apartment Complex

Owning an apartment complex can be rewarding. You want your tenants to be happy and your reviews drive easier leasing. Our campaign helped drive positive reviews and improve service practices.

Not only did we help revamp the processes used at Heather's complex, but we were able to translate those experiences to genuinely positive reviews on Google, Facebook, and personally through e-mail.

PROBLEM: The tenants in the apartment were leaving negative reviews because of things they didn't see being fixed the way they wanted.

X3's Solution: We implemented a feedback system with ratings; offering a detailed ranking and scaling of a range of issues. With prior experience in customer service from working at Highmark in my early career, I was able to implement customer service techniques to provide a safer feedback loop that encourages more genuine, constructive feedback.

This included ranking on individual topics such as "Our landlord dealt with the problem in a timely manner" on a rating scale rather than a direct comment box. This encourages attentive responses and a guided experience of reviewing rather than allowing the emotional discouragement of the tenant to evoke a negative review. They instead feel as though they are being heard and are working towards a solution.


We also created a video to share 3 Craigslist #rentaltips for the #pittsburgh area or on Craigslist in in general. This helped boost SEO, brand awareness and sentiment. Building trust is very important to grounding the faith the tenants, clients, or customers have when utilizing your service.

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