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Go To Market Strategy with X3 Marketing

Updated: May 13, 2023

You wouldn’t expect your doctor to prescribe medication without first diagnosing your medical condition. You wouldn’t bring on a new product line or invest in new equipment without assessing the long-term value for your business. The greatest advertising or promotion in the world will fall flat if it’s poorly aimed.

Without marketing, your business will not grow or thrive. But marketing costs money and time, so return on investment and effective results are critical. ClearPivot’s go-to-market strategy planning will sharpen your sights and clearly defines your target(s).

With our go-to-market strategy project, you get the initial roadmap you need to chart a strategically smart marketing course.


Many clients partner with X3 Marketing long-term, based on a custom-tailored inbound marketing retainer. We help them create profitable digital relationships with their most-desired audience(s) on an ongoing basis. However, some clients feel overwhelmed by that as a first step – it’s too much, too soon. Oftentimes, we also find clients aren’t ready to dive right in because they haven’t done the basics. Like the Cheshire Cat said, you have to know where you want to go before you can get started.


How does it work?

Our go-to-market strategy development is a comprehensive 4-step process designed to put your marketing on the road to increased sales and customer loyalty. The first two steps encompass our discovery phase – getting to know your company and your customers. In the final two steps, we’ll transform that discovery into an actionable strategic plan:

Step 1. We scrutinize and analyze your current marketing efforts. What are your business and marketing goals? Which initiatives are working and which are not? Is there something that your competitors are doing that you also should be doing? What channels are you using? What kind of content are you offering? How well are those efforts working for you?

Step 2. We identify the demographic and behavioral traits of your key marketing personas. Successful marketing speaks directly to each buyer’s journey.

Step 3. We sketch out a customized plan of action – the framework of your go-to-market strategy. This is an outline of an engine for growth that converts, qualifies, and nurtures your leads with marketing automation.

Step 4. We fill in recommended details of your plan – the play-by-play for execution. We dive into specific premium content offers we recommend producing, specific blog articles we recommend producing, specific email nurturing campaigns to implement, and more.

When we’re finished, you will receive a 40-60 page slide deck. We’ll walk you through that during our final presentation, reviewing our findings from steps 1 and 2 as well as our growth engine outline and specific play-by-plays from steps 3 and 4.

It can take several weeks or even several months to complete this process. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, but we’ll need a minimum of this from you:

  • At least 3 formally scheduled meetings: 2 meetings to conduct the discovery phase of our work, and 1 meeting to present your custom strategy

  • Ad hoc conversations over phone and email as questions arise during the course of our research

It’s pretty simple, and yet the results can be a game-changer for your business.


Every company is facing a different situation and is at a different stage of development, so the project price will vary significantly for each company we do it for. We will evaluate your situation and give you an estimated price range based on what we think that you will need. It could be as low as a couple thousand dollars, or as high as ten thousand dollars.

Afterwards, clients oftentimes tell us they love their plan but they need help to implement it. We understand. You and your team already have more than enough to do. And to stay competitive, you can’t take your eyes off the ball. But marketing is a must-have. Partnering with X3 Marketing puts our team on your team. But first, you need that plan!

Is a go-to-market strategy project right for you?


Marketing is both an art and a science. And like other key aspects of business, it takes knowledge and experience, applied with insight and a deft hand to achieve outstanding results. Any agency that pitches you on a marketing/advertising program without a needs assessment and strategic plan development is just reaching into your wallet. Not looking out for your best interests. 



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