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How does customer feedback help with Marketing?

Gathering and utilizing customer feedback is an important part of marketing as this allows you to see what customers like vs what they do not like. Knowing this can allow you to fix whatever is not working to help gain more audience. In this blog post, we are going to go over why you need to get customers feedback to help achieve your business goals.

Improving Customer Experience

Being able to see the reviews gives you the tools to make the experience better for your customers.Offering the opportunity to review products or a service allows the customer to engage with a business. Reviews also help build credibility and social proof to increase confidence in potential; clients. Conversely, even a poor review offers an opportunity to grow from the feedback, fix the problem, and demonstrate good customer service.

Identifying Opportunities for Innovation.

Listening to current and prospective clients gives you the opportunity to identify a need. Potentially, you can come up with new or better ways to sell the product or find something similar that people want to buy more. The key to innovation success is to systematically explore multiple angles and insight sources, such as feedback, to identify the most likely developments within a certain context.

Building Customer Loyalty

You can create loyalty with your customers by listening to their feedback and acting upon it. When customers feel heard, or see the changes they are more willing to buy. A loyal customer helps do your marketing for you!

Refining Target Audience Segments

You can tailor your posts to the specific audience that you want to target. Feedback gives you insight into their behavior, lifestyles, demographics, and trends. There are multiple ways to refine a target audience: geographic location/type; demographics such as age, sex, income, and occupation; and psychographics such as lifestyle, hobbies, opinions; behavioral factors such as brandloyalty, purchase patterns and intensity of use. Keep in mind that in refining a target audience, it is important to identify whether that segment is large enough in potential, and accessible in distribution and communication.

By segmenting your targets into personas, you will better serve your customers needs and wants, create opportunities for growth, sustain your customer relationships through all phases of the customer life cycle and ultimately create a better return on your marketing investment.

Generating Social Proof

Use positive reviews in your posts or stories! This will allow clients to see that people go to your business and be more willing to try it as well. The use of customers testimonials is the most frequent type of social proof that local companies use online. There are six major types of social proof that you can use to boost your conversion rate and grow your business: from customers, by experts, referrals from friends, ratings and reviews, social media proof, and certifications.

By generating social proof, keep in mind that not all feedback is positive. Keep in mind that negative social mention gives you a chance to solve a problem. This shows empathy for the customers that have had issue with your company.

Driving Sales

By analyzing feedback data, brands can identify areas where their products or services are falling short and develop marketing campaigns that address these areas. Understanding your customers is critical in increasing sales. By asking for feedback, you can learn a whole lot about what your customers want and provide that to them.

In conclusion, customer feedback is an essential tool for marketers looking to build strong relationships with their customers and drive business growth. It’s important to find time to check your personal and your brand’s social media profiles. It is called social media for a reason, so give your customers the attention that they have given you with their comments.



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