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How Much Does A Website Design or Redesign Cost in 2020 & in Pittsburgh v.s. Orange County

Updated: May 13, 2023

Are you a business in Pittsburgh? Or are you in Orange County and used to paying more?

Hate to say it, but if cheap is what you're looking for; may have to design it yourself. You can buy templates online for anywhere from $29 from Squarespace to $400 on Fivver. Wordpress and Wix have templates too (as do most consumer web builders).

There's nothing wrong with this, but for most businesses, some customization is still required; even if it is content management.

Your website is your digital public profile. It collects sales, tracks analytics, shares content, and shares your mission. This shouldn't be a compromise expense. Your prospects research your website before a sale.

As time goes on and more businesses enter the environment, are you gonna step up your game with a redesign? Still in 2020, we have website builders for as low as $100 and the large corporations and agencies in the multi-hundred-thousands.

Design Your Own Website

To many, this may. seem like the best option (some, the only option). But unless you've built a website before, you wouldn't know the hidden costs. To begin, you need a host. That

ranges anywhere from $2.95 for a basic Bluehost set up/domain.

Now we have domain name fees. If you can find one for under $9.99 for a .com, please let us know!

If you're new to web design, you'll probably need a little more complicated web hosting interface like WIX or Duda. This can start as low as $14.99 but if you need more space or features, let's say $40.

Website Building Time

Ok, so you got the basic back end set up. Now we need content. I guess if you already have content, you can use that. But then again, that's not really a redesign. So, how can we get good content, NEW?

1. Stock Photos - stock photos start at $0.99 for a regular license, so NO.

2. Facebook/Google - that's cheesy and most likely illegal so NO.

3. Hire someone - photoshoots range from $100 - $50,000 (big range, right?)

Now we need texts, descriptions, and copywriting. Easy enough right? Well, have you ever tried creative writing? Ok, cool. What about copywriting? Go check out and look at how they describe their products. It's an art. X3 spent an entire college course learning the different types of writing and how to sell with words.

So, check out ThemeForest -- this site offers web templates starting from $30. This could save some time but again, still need the other stuff.

If you use WordPress, try this "Genesis Framework" -- this allows you to arrange your backend with a theme then the front end is no big deal.

Let's just skip SEO and blog posts and stuff because that's just time you have to spend instead of doing your actual business operations.

The Cost of Hiring A Freelance Website Designer

So you got a small budget - let's get a freelancer quote. A good designer starts at $2,000 and if they do it for less, then prepare for a difficult project with poor communication or structure. Under $2,000, again, let us know please!

It's important to remember that anyone that does it for over $1,000 is someone that is making their living on this service. They do this for other companies and its a service that is worth it. The hours upon hours of custom design, coding, set-up, and consultation equates to value for any company with revenue streams. This applies to a lot of marketing services though.

Please remember these are just general numbers for the Pittsburgh area and should be more for the Orange County web design market.

Working with a freelancer should be a good, personable experience with mock-ups, back and forth communication, and creative additions. The downside to freelance sites I the project may take longer and outside of their usual design style, they may be limited to branching out with features and style.

The Cost of Hiring A Freelance Website Designer

The best situation is finding the expertise and portfolio of an agency with the personalized feeling of the freelancer. You're gonna get so much more value. Obviously, the cost is going to be the highest but in the long-run; worth it. Most companies find a quote starting at $15,000 or more. If you're an enterprise like McDonalds, look at more around $200,000 to $1 million.

With numbers like these, you're operating on competitive playing fields with the biggest brands in the world. An agency is going to make sure you have more than just a good design. Functionality, experience, back-end structure are just a few of the added value points for an agency built website.

Agencies spend equal time on the content, conversion rate optimization, and everything else that's going to GROW YOUR SALES!

There's an incredible amount of strategy and general business development that goes into building a successful website platform. The asset that X3 is providing is beyond what your cousin Jerry can do in one weekend in exchange for new tires. X3 is placing itself on your team, with your goals, with your brand, with your intentions. If you're looking for a website that will help you land sales, contact X3 marketing. From Pittsburgh to Orange County, our prices will be competitive to any other agency and most certainly any other freelancer.


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