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How to Utilize Email Marketing

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Many people are hesitant to use email marketing since they associate emails with sales and that is not the case. Emails do help build sales; you can use them to send important information or updates to your customers. Email marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to help build your brand.

Below are some tips and tricks on how to build your email marketing strategies.

Ten tips for Doctors:

  1. Being mobile accessible - Many people are running around and don't have time to check their computers therefore, you need to make sure your content on your computer looks just as good on your mobile device.

  2. Short and concise messaging - Having too much wording can make your email look unorganized and unintelligible, by keeping it short and sweet your clients will know it's the best information that was sent out. Being concise doesn’t just mean being brief. It involves being focused, accurate, and mindful of your audience.

  3. Having a catchy subject line - You need to have something in the subject line that draws people in and that will make them want to read your email, but also making sure you are not using something too often, since your clients will think is spam or a sales message. A catchy phrase can be used consistently though across marketing materials to foster recognition and create affinity with a target audience.

  4. Valuable Information - Make sure you are sending out information that your customers will think it has value to them, nobody wants to get an email that they do not care about reading. You can help this by having promotion emails sent out to engage them. Valuable information should be clear, understandable, and objective.

  5. Building long lasting relationships - Nobody wants to get an excessive amount of emails, especially sales ones. You can make your emails more welcome by trying to be personable within the email, such as by stating their name or asking how you can help them with any questions that may arise. Also, a key component of your communication should be segmentation, which allows for your audience to get emails that are best suited for them. Segmentation is splitting your audience into smaller, defined groups. This makes it easier to address their specific needs and control how they may react to your emails.

  6. Be consistent - Knowing what frequency you want to be sending your emails such as every month, will help build repetition and your clients will know the promotions or deals for that specific month. Consistency is comprised of repetition and frequency. Don’t be afraid to repeat your key messages. It’s hard for people to miss a point when they’ve seen or heard it several times. Make sure you communicate on a regular basis.

  7. Be able to unsubscribe - Having an unsubscribe button at the end of your email will help with them being marked as spam and will allow the reader to get rid of it if they do not want to receive them. Also, it makes sure you are getting rid of ignored emails since this will help with engagement. The ability to unsubscribe shows respect to your customers by allowing them to opt out of your communication. It is recommended by various anti-spam and data privacy laws globally.

8. Make sure to track your emails - Tracking your emails allows you to see which ones customers are more interested in reading, and helps you get a better idea of what they are looking for in the next ones.

9. Make sure to Proofread- Before you post your blog always make sure to proofread just to make sure there are no mistakes. Mistakes cause your communication to look unprofessional and inaccurate. Proofreading ensures your marketing gets your message across and makes you look your best.

10. Automation emails- Using automation emails helps by only sending emails with information customers want to see and helps save you time, which is important when running a business. Email automation helps you find your audience and engage your clients by communicating relevant information to subscribers at the right time, based on their actions and interests.

Using these 10 tips for Email Marketing will help facilitate communication with your customers by making it more efficient and relevant to their particular needs. Email marketing is easily accessible and gives you the ability to reach customers in a place they visit every day - their inbox.



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