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"I'm an artist - how to get more music downloads"

Updated: May 13


This is Billy Hoyle - you may remember me from #WhiteMenCantBlog many years ago. The aficionado of #Pittsburgh #Hip Hop & Culture. 

Today, I bring to you a #Pittsburgh article written by X3 MKTG - a digital marketing and business consulting agency specializing in real estate marketing, medical marketing, and video production in Pittsburgh and #Irvine.

3 Tips for Marketing Your Beats in Pittsburgh Music Scene

1. Create a Lead Generation Page

Sometimes called a sales funnel, a lead generation page is a single page that incentivizes someone to provide their e-mail in exchange for your music or asset. 

This can be #drum kits, video templates, #freebeats, and more. As a marketer, it's important to remember that we have to give to receive. By offering someone value and then asking for just an e-mail, you are indeed providing value.

Make sure your music landing page is engaging and fun and captures your brand. Especially in Pittsburgh music scene, getting more downloads is important.

2. Utilize Freelance Work

A lot of people say they would never pay for views. But this isn't always a bad thing if you do it right. Increase your artist visibility and making people listen to your music is difficult. There are services on Fivver that help increase your visibility through "social media managing" or other things.

There are a few services on Fivver that include backlinks. #Backlinks are links to your page from other websites with more "domain authority." Domain authority basically means, Google trusts you. Services like these are actually SUPER good to increase your visibility. With your website link shared through directories with more credibility, it boosts your websites ranking.

Another really good tool is #Captivate and #Cleaner on the App Store. Captivate is an app that allows you to mass like posts on instagram. This is super helpful. Find a niche of people that would be potential leads, and like them!

EXTRA TIP: Keyword research is also important for music download marketing. Using keyword research for getting more music downloads involves finding niches that people aren't taking advantage of and putting yourself in front of them.

3. Content & Direct Contact

Go on YouTube and check out all the royalty free videos with music. These channels have massive amounts of views because they are of VALUE. Get your music on one of these channels and you'll have huge SEO boost, visibility, and more. Start your OWN CHANNEL, and you'll have the power to make an income on ads and other people's submissions. #YouTube is key!

This is where content comes in. Making instrumental visualizer videos is key. No one wants to watch a Soundcloud bar play. Put your audio with some cool video and you'll increase engagement like crazy!

Don't give up. These things take time. As long as you keep producing your music, you will increase your views and downloads.

The final thing is DIRECT CONTACT. As social media gets more and more saturated with spam and scams, direct messaging and collaborating gets difficult. But if you have the authenticity and talent, messaging people may result in amazing collaborations. Just keep doing it and start with the smaller people who others may not be in contact with. Sometimes quantity can be better if you find other talented undiscovered artists and producers.

If you have any social media marketing tips for artists and producers in Pittsburgh or Irvine, leave a comment below or visit for more artist marketing tips.

Visit for FREE beats.

Frank Udavcak the owner has been working with us since 09' when we first began collaborating with local artists. Frank had his name on a lot of the big videos from the 2012-2015 time frame when he directed music videos in the Pittsburgh area for artists like Hardo and Wiz Khalifa. He is now owner of X3 Marketing, an ad agency that also creates videos, photos, animations, and websites for music artists and more.

Here's one of X3 Marketing's videos for KIA -


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