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Local Fox Chapel Woman Owned Business - Avere Beauty is the new Pittsburgh Botox Center

Local Fox Chapel resident Alyssa Luciano recently opened a luxury medical spa in Lawrenceville called Avere Beauty. Avere Beauty offers Botox& Lip Filler as well as online doctor visits for the prescription eye lash serum Latisse. This Luxury beauty spa located at 3495 Butler Street is a great place for women to go and unwind. Their facility accommodates "Botox Parties"and offers group discounts for services. It's a great place to go after work, meet a few friends, and bond over aesthetics.

Botox is sometimes misunderstood. Just like any other aesthetic procedure, Botox offers men and women an easy, painless solution to crows feet, wrinkles, and more. The process takes just a few minutes and can last a few months. Lip filler is also rather quick, and provides a complete rejuvenation for plumper, fuller lips.

Dr. Luciano recently built a house in Fox Chapel and decided to fulfill a childhood dream. By creating a space that women can go to and receive aesthetic care on a more personalized regime, Avere Beauty is becoming the new Hair Salon. Their plan is to offer nails, hair, Microderm abrasion, and more in the coming months as well as a natural skin care line and supplements such as keratin, biotin, and collagen.

If you're interested in scheduling an appointment, you can visit their website at as the office is currently appointment only.



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