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Top Video Production Agency in Irvine, CA for Marketing and Business Commercials

Updated: May 13

X3 Marketing, coined by frontman Frank Udavcak who is the former Wiz Khalifa and Atlantic Records videographer, has switched gears to focus more on business development and 360 marketing. With a proven hand in contributing development to such brands as e-commerce Mecca GLD, Kia Motors, and Pittsburgh health giant UPMC, X3 Marketing has evolved to a more mature image. 

Frank Udavcak with Forbes 500 member Puff Daddy or P. Diddy from Revolt
Top Video Production Agency Owner Frank Udavcak has spent over 10 years building with reputable clients like P. Diddy

Dawning a new era and identity, X3 Marketing began developing new ventures in more sophisticated environments with multi-channel approaches. Utilizing over 10 years of creative development in conjunction with a reputable executive management team, X3 Marketing set the crosshairs on providing a business development and marketing experience tailored to executive level clients.

Our team's mission is to design the future together. We provide video production and content creation services in tandem with enterprise web development and search engine optimization. Congregating these assets provides guaranteed revenue stream influx for X3 Marketing clients.

Pittsburgh videographer
Frank Udavcak was Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Wood's videographer for many years and worked closely with Atlantic Records to create a visual brand

Video Production Agency in Pittsburgh

Choosing X3 Marketing for your video production solution means choosing to work with a team trusted by national corporations, Grammy-nominated artists, and growing enterprise business executives. Forbes 500 member P. Diddy once spoke "You know you're getting down with the right team," in regards to X3 Marketing Frank Udavcak's video production team. In addition to constructed productions like the 2020 Kia Forte GT commercial "Dark Waves," X3 Marketing features over 200 music videos, commercials, interviews, TV spots, animations, and more. 

Pittsburgh Marketing Agency
Frank Udavcak has gone on to work with highly specialized pharmaceutical clients like Evolus and Allergan

"Our brand as X3 is transparent. We are an amplifier for your voice and every project is us holding a mirror and a light to your vision," says Alyssa Luciano, Chief Operations Officer of X3 Marketing. "With offices in Irvine, CA and Pittsburgh, PA, we want our clients to know we are ready to take them across the world."

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