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What does $50 Ad Spend get you on Snapchat? | Avere Beauty

Updated: May 13, 2023

As marketing director for Avere Beauty, I wanted to try out a frequently unvisited area for many clients; Snapchat campaigns.


We wanted to test the waters as we often do with new campaigns and get some baseline data. With $50, we ran this ad that says "Want Big Lips?" with the Avere Beauty logo.


Surprisingly, this ad did really really well. With over 9,000 impressions and more than 120 swipe ups, we drove significant traffic to our website. That equates to under $4.30 eCPM and a minuscule $0.37 average cost per swipe up. This is incredible.

We also were able to obtain 2 new bookings and 3 e-mail sign-ups from this - effectively quadrupling our investment twice over.


The thing about snapchat ads is location. You need to understand your geographic demographic to obtain results. For local business, it becomes much simpler.

Want to gain leads through snapchat? Send us an e-mail at for your custom quote on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook campaigns. We also do #data analytics and business development. Visit our full site at for more information.



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