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What is JSON-LD?

Updated: May 13, 2023

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD is a coding language used on the backend of HTML and JS webpages to connect data with a lite language format. It is used for SEO as Google & Yahoo have started to accept an advanced vocabulary in their search crawls.

JSON-LD has the benefit of being a linked file rather than wrapped around the HTML; making it easier to attach and alter. This structured data format allows search engines to find. 

Where does JSON-LD go?

Google recommends adding JSON-LD to the <head> section of HTML, but beneficially, it’s functional in the <body> as well. Another benefit allows it to be generated dynamically. Meaning if you have a database set up for dynamic pages, the variable can link to one in the JSON-LD code.

Check out  - it provides an interesting database of vocabulary and encodings used by the web to transmit and organize data. These shared vocabularies are perfect for webmasters or developers in maintaining a relevant development environment.

The ideal developing environment is efficiency. JSON-LD allows this by creating an ambiguous reference language that connects data from one page to another.

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