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Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Startup Businesses?

Every business relies on a marketing platform in order to succeed. Companies that have been around for a long period of time will stress the importance of marketing to a startup company. In today’s market, a company will be more successful when using a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh.

What Is Digital Marketing?

The basics of digital marketing are that it uses a digital platform to reach the target audiences instead of physical marketing like newspapers and in-store banners. Digital marketing is more than just advertising, it focuses on brand building as well as finding trends and using analytics to ensure that the media campaign is successful. Strategies include pay-per-click (PPC) and social media (Facebook Instagram, etc.), and are often driven by search engine optimization (SEO), keywords, and backlinks. A start-up company needs to focus on running the business and hire a professional digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh to assist in campaign marketing.

Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Pittsburgh

There are many reasons to hire a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh.

  • Digital marketing agencies are professionals. A company owner knows their product or service better than anyone else, but this does not mean that they are experts in marketing. Hiring an agency gives access to a team of professionals.

  • Stats are key. A digital marketing platform is analytic driven. Professionals in a digital marketing agency know the trends, will build a campaign based on current trends, and can also make changes as they happen.

  • SEO is key in digital marketing. Understanding how to bring your company and your product to the top of the search engine is key. If a customer must scroll more than two pages to find your company, there is a high percentage that they will stop the search before finding you; this is a lost customer and lost revenue.

  • First impressions matter. When you first meet someone, your impression stays for a long time. This is no different when a customer is driven to your website. If it is confusing and unappealing, customers are less likely to come back or refer others. A digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh can help design and maintain your website to ensure that there is traffic flow and customers are satisfied when visiting.

Your Company, Your Brand, Your Reputation

One of the biggest mistakes a startup company can make is trying to manage their marketing themselves. Prior to the digital marketing era, if there was a commercial or advertisement that did not go well, a company could pull the advertisement and in a short period of time, people will have forgotten it. However, this is no longer the case. What happens in the digital world stays there and reaches audiences around the world. A bad campaign can destroy a company before it has a chance to begin. A digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh can help protect your brand and your reputation.

The digital marketing world can be competitive and confusing. Hiring professionals at a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh will help you navigate through this and set up a successful campaign for your startup company. Let us get you started.



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