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X3 Practice Development Welcomes Dr. Lauren Pastucha to Board of Directors

Updated: May 13, 2023


Pittsburgh, PA - X3 Practice Development is excited to announce the newest addition to their Board of Directors, Dr. Lauren Pastucha. As an eye doctor with astounding reviews, Dr. Pastucha brings a unique perspective to the X3 team. With her extensive background in medical practices and creativity, she will be an invaluable asset in helping consult practices and bring a fresh perspective to market positioning.

As a member of X3's board, Dr. Pastucha will leverage her expertise in both the medical and creative fields to assist with the company's upcoming Summer Campaign. She will provide invaluable insights and work with X3's team of doctors and marketing experts to develop innovative strategies and solutions that will help practices across the country grow and thrive.

"I am thrilled to join X3 Practice Development and contribute my expertise to the team," said Dr. Pastucha. "Having worked as a medical doctor for thousands of patients, I understand the challenges and opportunities that practices face in today's ever-changing landscape. I look forward to collaborating with the X3 team to help practices navigate these challenges and position themselves for success."

X3 Practice Development is a leading consulting firm in Pittsburgh that specializes in helping healthcare practices grow and thrive. With a team of experienced doctors and marketing professionals, X3 provides a range of services to help practices achieve their goals and reach new levels of success.

"We are excited to welcome Dr. Pastucha to the X3 team," said Frank Udavcak, founder and CEO of X3 Practice Development. "As a doctor, she brings yet another unique perspective that will help us better serve our clients and achieve our mission of transforming healthcare practices. We are looking forward to working with her and leveraging her expertise to develop innovative solutions and strategies for our clients."

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