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"How much does it cost to start a marketing campaign?"

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Well, first...

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What is marketing?

(No, no, no -- not Amway!)

Marketing is an essential part of every business -- planned or organic is the only difference.

A company is a buncha rules and processes and scalable "programs" hidden behind a nice happy picture!

Marketing is making sure that background is polished and shined, exposed, and touched up to be the best picture and solution for your clients and customers!

Why does it cost so much?

Picture a marketing team as an extension of your salaried employees; executive level employees.

A good marketing team - like X3 MKTG -becomes a member of your team. We learn your business as much as we can to the point that we may experts. We have to.

Every step of the process at X3 involves research, planning, producing, analytics, reviewing, and redeveloping.

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how do i increase my sales

Enough mumbo Joe, how much is it?

Okay, okay, truth is -- it all depends. But we can tell you one thing: Marketing is the #1 way to increase your revenue!

increrase my sales quick

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