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Web Design

What is Web Design & Development?

Web design and development services create a central brand hub that allows you to reach your customers and clients. A good website will provide the first-look at your brand experience. Added features include online sales, lead generation, information and pricing, and more.

X3 Marketing provides our Pittsburgh clients with website design and development to create a complete brand experience.

Pittsburgh Website company


X3 designs functional, attractive websites to attract your clients and customers. The goal is simple: make it look cool and work.


To begin, we just need to know your goals. From there, we begin drafting using Adobe XD and other software to visualize your pages.


Once the designs are approved, we build them out using our favorite hosting service, Wix.

Why do I need an updated website?

Updated websites show clients and customers that you care about your brand. Professional branding will attract more clients and create higher revenue from a better conversion rate.

Website updates also help Search Engine Optimization because it shows Google and other indexing engines that you care about your website.

Keeping your website updated with new photos, team members, and products or services is one of the easiest ways to get more clients.

Thrive Cryo Spa
Avere Beauty
Delgado Enterprises
Elite Rejuvenations
Inside Out Beauty

What are the results?

So far, our Pittsburgh marketing team has built close to 100 websites and have continuously seen improved return on investment.

What does web design and development cost?

Our rates start at $100/hour to build a website. For the best quote, click the button in the top right. To get an idea on your own, estimate that each page takes 4-6 hours.

Figuring out what pages are needed is a simple process we can work on together at our kickoff meeting!

Areas Served:

We offer web design services in the following cities and towns in Pennsylvania.


Cities & Towns:

Pittsburgh, Cranberry, Lawrenceville, South Hills, Wexford

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